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Comparing carpet cleaning methods

02 January 2014

A clean and well looked after carpet can bring a professional touch to your work environment, while a poorly maintained one can make it look untidy and leave clients with the wrong impression.

Effective cleaning can make carpets look as good as new but there are other reasons that make carpet cleaning quite a necessity. One, is that cleaning kills pollutants that are trapped in the carpet. Walking on the carpet releases these pollutants which makes them easy to inhale and thus can negatively affect your health. Another reason to regularly clean your carpets is to prevent the growth of mould that is trapped deep in the carpet, especially in areas with a high level of humidity.


Taking regular care of your carpets is therefore essential. However, it can be difficult to know which carpet cleaning method to apply, so here is a short guide to the main options...


Steam cleaning

Steam cleaning is one of the most effective methods to clean your carpet. It works as water is boiled and injected into the carpet. The hot water helps to loosen tough dirt, which then becomes very easy to remove with a vacuum machine. In case the carpet is heavily stained, you should use a detergent as well. Steam cleaning can effectively remove the bad smell of your carpet and kill bacteria that is stuck in it. The only disadvantage is that it takes some time for the carpet to dry after the cleaning.



This is the most common method to clean a carpet and it's usually used by professional cleaners. It's not complicated at all. Firstly, the carpet is cleaned with a vacuum machine in order for all visible particles to be removed. Then, a detergent is applied and the carpet is scrubbed with a brush. This is a great way to remove heavy stains and strong odours. However, steam cleaning is considered more effective.


Dry cleaning

As its name implies, this method doesn't use water. A small amount of an absorbent product is applied on the carpet and then spread with a brush over the whole surface. The carpet is then cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, which removes the residue. Carpets that are made of soft fabrics and can be easily damaged benefit a lot from this method.


Bonnet cleaning

Bonnet cleaning is often compared with dry cleaning but both methods do actually differ from each other a lot. Bonnet cleaning uses a detergent, which is mixed with carbonated water and is spread on the carpet. Then a process of covering with an absorbent is performed. When the covering gets soiled, it's removed and replaced with a new one. Bonnet cleaning is used as a rather temporary method which is applied before or after a thorough cleaning.

Contributed by freelance blogger and writer July Minor on behalf of www.cleancarpetlondon.com