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The age of information

01 July 2014

In May, I made my way along with thousands of others from the cleaning world to the ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam exhibition at the RAI. It was great to meet so many new companies and to catch up with some familiar faces.

Being my first visit to INTERCLEAN, I was keen to find out whether the show would live up to the enormous expectation and hype that had built up throughout the industry over the past year.

Thanks to the amazing array of exciting innovations being launched, I was happy to find that it did. The cleaning industry may have a reputation in some quarters for being slow to adopt new innovations but, on the contrary, I found forward-thinking and ingenuity to be in abundance – particularly in the development of web-based technologies.

While some were futuristic and complex – for instance, the Google Glass system, which could be used to help cleaning operatives in the field – just as impressive were those that managed to be simple but effective, such as product labels that link to smartphone apps, which can improve safety, education and customer service. 
From telematics systems that track and manage fleet machines to sensors that monitor dispenser usage, technologies that turn data into insight are also helping businesses to create leaner business models and reduce the cost to clean.

You can find out more about the latest web-based cleaning technologies to enter the market in an in-depth report inside the August/September issue. Initial Washroom Hygiene's new online reporting tool is also revealed, which further encapsulates the industry's quest for better information via online platforms. 

In an interview with Cleaning Matters, Adora Cheung, the co-founder of US start-up Homejoy, talks about the company's UK launch and how on-demand smartphone technology is set to transform the way we clean.

The exciting part about web-based technology is that we've only just begun to exploit its potential, so it will be fascinating to see what new avenues will have been explored by the time ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam returns in 2016. 

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