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The tough are getting going

04 November 2013

Cleaning Matters took some time out to celebrate excellence in the cleaning industry at the BICSc awards last month.

It was inspiring to hear what individuals and organisations have achieved this year in accredited training and assessment – find out who the winners were on page 18 of Cleaning Matters magazine's October/November issue.
As the end of the year draws near, it's not only a time to look back on achievements but to look ahead to aspirations in 2014. See below to find out more about this year's British Cleaning Council Conference, 'Future Proofing the Cleaning Industry', which will explore how the industry can spearhead growth as the recession begins to fade.

In September, Chancellor George Osbourne said that the UK economy is "turning a corner" but that recovery is still in the "early stages" and "plenty of risks" remain. Understandable, therefore, that the manufacturers and suppliers I have been speaking to recently are wary about commenting on whether they think the cleaning industry is showing signs of green shoots. But, regardless, plenty of cleaning businesses continue to show flexibility and resilience by rolling up their sleeves and getting on with it.

Some are even in better shape than ever, having used the recession as an opportunity for introspection and improvement, and are now in a position to invest in premises, staff, products and services. There is evidence of this throughout the October/November issue. For instance, Initial Hygiene has just launched a washroom range of 26 products – its first full range in 19 years – while RP Adam has invested in new technology throughout its business.

Meanwhile, the industry's own associations – Asset Skills, the CSSA and the FMA – are merging to provide better representation and a more cohesive voice for the industry. Find out more on pages 7 and 12 of the October/November issue.

It seems to be very much a case of what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and those companies and organisations that do emerge from this period of uncertainty, whenever that may be, will be fitter to face the future, whatever it throws at them.