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Cleaning Matters survey shows that the industry is preparing for robots

09 March 2018

Over 60 per cent of professionals in the cleaning industry believe that robots and automation will play a key role in the future of the cleaning industry.

This was one of the key facts found out when Cleaning Matters sent a survey to its readership toward the end of last year. We asked readers what they were most excited about when they thought of the future of cleaning, what worried them more than anything else, and what issues they thought would have the biggest impact upon the sector.

Other key findings were that the Internet of Things remains a concern for the industry. Regardless of the potential benefits, 45 per cent of respondents were actively concerned that the Internet of Things presented a security threat. 66 per cent believed that there will be a move toward cleaning staff holding higher levels of qualification in the future and the exact same amount thought that regulations and legislation were set to tighten.

We also looked at how the cleaning industry will be impacted by wider issues. For example 61 per cent of people said that environmental concerns would be a significant driver of trends in the future. Though only 28 per cent though it would be “major”. Our analysis touches upon other key issues such as Brexit, the economy and the respect cleaning operatives receive and deserve.

In the wake of our survey we have spoken to experts in all the areas set to impact the industry, analysed the results we received and believe our findings will produce provocative thought and discussion about the weeks, months and years ahead.

Published as the third instalment in Cleaning Matters' unique supplement series, The Future of Cleaning can be viewed here.