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Speakers announced for the IFRA UK Fragrance Forum

23 August 2016

The fragrance association, IFRA UK, has announced details of its 2016 Fragrance Forum, which takes place on 12th October at the Royal Society in London.

This year, IFRA UK has invited a group of speakers to explore fragrance, wellness and well-being, considering the effects of aroma on health both now and in the past. 

Dr Mark Evans, a lecturer in biomedical & medical science at the School of Allied Health Sciences, Faculty of Health & Life Sciences, De Montfort University, Leicester, will give a talk called 'Making sense of frankincense'. He has active research interests in the therapeutic potential of natural products, primarily anti-cancer activity and mechanism particularly in relation to frankincense.

John J Johnston is a lecturer in the fields of Egyptology, Classics and cultural history, and his presentation is entitled 'Spices, balsams and the incense of temples: The fragrances of ancient Egypt'.

'Living without smell,' will be discussed by surgeon Carl Philpott who set up the UK’s  first Smell and Taste Clinic six years ago.

Dr Benoist Schaal's presentation is entitled 'Born to smell and to ‘smook’'. He invented the neologism ‘smook’ for this event in reference to his finding that, in young infants, smell has a strong impact on looking. 

Professor Barry Smith, director of the Institute of Philosophy at the University of London’s School of Advanced Study, will talk on the role of smell in consciousness. 

Vitaliy Zhyun from Nielsen UK will look at 'State of the nation: Shoppers and fragranced products'. A key focus of his role is to work with clients and help them grow and succeed in the market place.  

A limited number of tickets are available for non-Members of IFRA UK. For details and to register interest please email secretariat@ifrauk.org