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Control contamination in your cleanroom

28 July 2015

Contamination control is the act of controlling the existence, growth and proliferations of contamination in certain areas and is crucial when dealing with cleanrooms.

Controlling contamination refers to the atmosphere as well as to surfaces, to particulate matter as well as to microbes and to contamination prevention. 

The goal of controlling contamination in a cleanroom is to ensure a sufficient standard of cleanliness depending on that cleanroom's level. You can accomplish this by maintaining, reducing or eliminating viable and non-viable contamination in order to maintain an efficient rate of production. 

There are many types of contamination that can be brought into a cleanroom. Some types include hair, fibre particles from bodies, clothes, dust particles, contaminated air, work surfaces, gases and movement. In order to control and reduce these contaminants we have tacky floor mats and frames.

Cleanroom tacky floor mats are saturated with adhesive to stick to the floor. Tacky mats remove debris and contaminants from the bottom of shoes as personnel enter a cleanroom. These mats reduce dirt, dust, lint and other impurities from entering controlled environments. 

For use, the mat is stuck to the floor near any entry or exit door. Each mat layer is peeled off when dirty to reveal another new, clean layer. Each layer is treated with a light tack adhesive, which removes dust or dirt contamination. Cleanroom sticky mats are stocked in varying sizes to fit most entryways with low profile carpet and other floor surfaces. 

There are different types of tacky floor mats. Antimicrobial mats are available for pharmaceutical areas, hospitals and other medical facilities where bacteria and other germs are of concern. These mats are of the same construction as general tacky mats but their cleanroom-safe antimicrobial adhesives kill 99% of fungus, bacteria and other germs. 

Tacky floor mat trays are necessary only where the set of sheets on the pad will not be used in once place. The tray features an anti-skid material on the bottom to prevent the mat from moving as personnel walks across it. The low profile plastic mats do not interfere with swinging doors. 

Along with tacky floor mats, tacky floor mat frames are available and sometimes necessary for cleanrooms. A low profile frame will retain tacky mats and preserve the floor finish from the adhesive. Usually, a frame is recommended for carpeted floors. 

Depending on the level of the cleanroom that you have, you will need to know the level of cleanliness that is required. Regardless, a tacky floor mat will help decrease and eliminate contamination in the cleanroom altogether. You will want to explore different sizes and maybe even tacky floor mat frames to best suit your cleanroom needs. 

Written by www.cleanroomsuppliesltd.com