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CIP package launched for complex cleaning environments

13 May 2024

LEADING FOOD and beverage manufacturers are facing increasing pressure to eliminate the risks of product contamination.

With stricter hygienic controls required, the key to success is the rigorous and effective cleaning of the process line itself. Clean-In-Place (CIP) systems are universally recognised as the most effective solution for maintaining dependable, consistently repeatable results. 

Responding to demand for a more versatile approach, Axium Process has launched an adaptive Mobile CIP System for all industry sectors, offering a cost-effective and compact plug-and-play solution in place of traditional fixed-in-place methods. 

The new CIP package is a highly versatile and easy-to-maintain clean-in-place solution, designed with mobility and hygiene at the forefront of its design. Fully customisable with options ranging from manual to automatic, the system can be adapted to include an integrated control unit via a panel-mounted touchscreen HMI and PLC. With remote monitoring and ongoing technical support available if required, the system can be programmed to record historic data, accessible on site by an operator, or remotely by one of Axium’s own engineers. 

Developed with decades of hands-on experience across multiple process applications, Axium’s new Mobile CIP System offers an advanced alternative for sanitary maintenance.

For more information visit www.axiumprocess.com