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Only 3% of public have carpets professionally cleaned

29 March 2019

Carpets have a reputation for being difficult to clean, which can put people off installing them – especially in a work environment such as an office. However, with the correct maintenance, it is possible to keep carpets looking like new, and it isn’t nearly as hard—or as time-consuming—as one may think.

In a recent survey, United Carpets & Beds found that only 3% of the public have their carpets professionally cleaned, while more than half of the people surveyed admitted to vacuuming their carpets less than once a week.

These statistics show that most are failing to take proper care of their carpets, risking not only permanent staining and ruined fibres but also damaged health and possible negative affects to business reputation.

When should businesses get their carpets professionally cleaned

Paul Pearce from the National Carpet Cleaners Association recommends that businesses, especially client-facing ones, should get their carpet professionally cleaned at least once every 12 to 18 months to ensure it looks professional and welcoming. 

Office carpet is likely to experience increased levels of footfall and wear, as well as a wide variety of heel and tread ‘outside shoes’; therefore, the carpet may become soiled and worn more easily. 

Vacuuming the carpet

The survey highlighted that the average member of public spends less than the recommended time vacuuming their carpets. This can be a costly error, as it allows dirt to become ingrained, necessitating a new replacement carpet sooner than would otherwise be the case.

Offices usually need their carpets vacuuming at least twice a week due to the high levels of traffic. 

Spot cleaning carpet to remove stains

It is not always possible to avoid spillages and scuffs to a carpet—especially in a busy environment. Sometimes it will be necessary to spot clean. Again, failing to deal with a stain in the correct way as quickly as possible can leave your carpet permanently soiled.

Carpet professionals United Carpets and Beds offers easy hacks on how to quickly remove stubborn stains without doing more damage to the affected area.

Getting rid of stubborn stains

Paul Pearce recommends the following solutions for some common tough stains…

Coffee and tea

For many businesses, coffee and tea stains may be common due to employees walking across the office with hot drinks—over time small spills will become unsightly and should be dealt with immediately. 

  • Soak up as much liquid as possible with absorbent towels—apply pressure and turn or replace the towels regularly.
  • If necessary, apply more water through a small plant sprayer and repeat the blotting process.
  • Spray a dilution of carpet shampoo and water and blot.
  • Repeat as required.
  • Leave six to eight sheets of kitchen towel on top of the wet carpet and leave overnight to dry.
  • Remove the towels and vacuum the carpet.


With a large number of people walking through the office daily, the risk of treading in mud is high – especially in wet weather. 

  • Let the mud completely dry.
  • Go over it with a vacuum cleaner.
  • If there’s any residue left, apply a dilution of carpet shampoo and water through a spray bottle.
  • Leave kitchen towels on while drying.
  • Vacuum again once dry.

Paul also shared his solutions for removing food, oils, cosmetics and blood.

When creating a first impression for clients and future employees, it is important that attention is paid to small details like the overall appearance of the carpet. Following these recommendations will ensure the carpet looks clean and professional, stay in good condition and lasts a long time.