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Assured Solutions Ltd

Manufacturers and formulators of Quality Janitorial, Cleaning and Industrial chemicals.

With extensive research and development laboratories and flexible manufacturing capacity, Assured Solutions specialise in the formulation and manufacture of chemicals to suit specific applications. High quality ASL Chemical supplies are used in a broad range of operational situations including Cleaning, Catering, Sanitation, Maintenance, Building refurbishment, Welding, Automotive , Engineering and many more market sectors.

All chemicals can be made available in a variety of pack sizes to suit our customer needs.
Environmental impact considerations are a priority in ASL chemical formulations, and many ASL products have won acclaim for their environmental benefits in addition to their performance characteristics.
Highly sophisticated in-house  full colour computerised labelling allows flexible manufacture for OEM clients. Production of all ASL manufcture is subject to vigorous Quality Control, with the reassurance of comprehensive technical back-up.

We welcome all enquiries, big and small and can assure you of our  first class friendly attention to your requirements.


03061 Hand Sanitizer Gel

03061 destroys 99.9% of common bacteria by employing the same antimicrobial technology used in hospitals throughout Europe. Contains ingredient recommended by World Health Organisation for protection against Avian Flu and H1N1 Viruses.

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A102 All Purpose Hard Surface Cleaner and Sanitiser

A102 CERTIFICATION  In this age of increasing legislation and new guidelines, it comes as no surprise that customers are being asked for certification to back efficacy claims when marketing hygiene products. This is why we at Assured Solutions Limited have paid to have our popular Cleaner and Sanitizer, A102, tested to EN 13697.

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A121 High Activity Ice Melt

A121 is a preparation of hygrophobic pellets which absorb moisture (even from the air), creating exothermic heat that starts melting ice immediately and preventing the surface re-freezing for up to 48 hours.

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B205 Traffic Film Remover Concentrate

B205 is a combination of surface active agents, sequestrants, and alkaline builders designed for use in cleaning vehicles, through hot or cold water pressure washer systems. The product is caustic soda free and will not affect paintwork. The water softeners in the formulation boost the cleaning properties in hard water areas and also reduce scale build up within the equipment. B205 works under normal conditions without agitation.

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D426 Yellow Beaded Hand Cleaner

D426 is a yellow beaded hand cleaner based on citrus solvents, fine scrubbing agents, emollients and detergents to give a powerful yet gentle cleaning action.

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