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Kennedy Hygiene Products Ltd

Kennedy Hygiene, the preferred choice of washroom specialists

Kennedy Hygiene Products is a world leader in the manufacture and supply of service-friendly integrated washroom hygiene systems. 

The company’s history as a washroom products manufacturer started back in 1961 when the launch of its first roller towel cabinet shaped industry standards.  Even then the company focus was clear – to serve the service specialist. 

Over the years Kennedy has grown from its roots in hand drying to its current fully integrated range of washroom hygiene systems which encompasses hand drying, hand washing, air freshening, sanitizing, feminine hygiene, baby hygiene and toilet tissue families, plus their associated consumables.

The product range is recognised for reliability, quality, value, ease of service and hygiene. Every new dispenser is designed to fit seamlessly with previous product generations. It is this gradual evolution of design that makes the Kennedy range truly integrated.

The Ellipse range, Kennedy`s modern washroom dispenser line

The Ellipse Range brings modern and attractive look to Kennedy`s tried and tested washroom dispensers. Its pure lines incorporate an undulating wave which suggests fluidity and movement; the Arctic white colour and a distinctive elliptic insert combine to define the Ellipse range identity. 

The Ellipse range comprises two dispensers for cotton hand drying – the Integra and the retractable Tekna; two products for hand washing – the Savona liquid and Savona foam soap dispensers, also available in automatic versions; two toilet tissue dispensers – the Jumbo and the Maxima; a toilet seat sanitizing unit – the Seatsan also available in automatic; a programmable electronic air freshener – the SPA and the battery-free wick based air freshener Airplus.

The Ellipse range has been designed to offer various customisation options to suit a wide range of customer needs and tastes. The elliptic insert element will come in a range of different colours and graphics to open new visual possibilities, whereas an exclusive metallic grey designer and a chrome plated premium finish will be available for the top end of the market.

Bespoke design and original equipment manufacturing

Bespoke colours and designs, as well as OEM product development account for an increasing part of Kennedy`s activity. Kennedy`s core in-house expertise includes industrial design, mechanical and electronics engineering, tool design and development, 3D CAD design, quick prototyping consumable expertise and project management. Bespoke design clients include some of the world`s leading consumable manufacturers and washroom hygiene service providers. 

To view Kennedy`s full range of service-friendly washroom systems, or enquire about bespoke design possibilities, visit www.kennedy-hygiene.co.uk, call +44 (0) 1825 768141 or email sales@kennedy-hygiene.com



Market leading feminine hygiene unit, available in manual, foot pedal and electronic no-touch versions

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Airplus Ellipse

60-day battery-free wick based air freshening system

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Integra Ellipse

Best selling cotton roller towel cabinet

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Jumbo Ellipse

Mini jumbo toilet roll dispenser

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Paper Pod

High capacity auto cut reserve roll paper towel dispenser

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Savona Ellipse Foam Soap

Ultra economical dose foam soap dispenser

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Savona Ellipse Auto Soap

Electronic no-touch liquid and foam soap dispenser

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Spa Ellipse

Fully programmable aerosol air freshener

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Maxima Ellipse

Reserve toilet roll dispenser

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Sigma Ellipse

Dual roll toilet paper dispenser

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