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Legend Brands Europe

Legend Brands Europe was formed by the merger of Dri-Eaz Ltd and Chemspec Europe Ltd. two well established and trusted UK businesses. We are part of the Legend Brands Family of companies who manufacture a wide range of products in the USA under the following brands – Dri-Eaz – Chemspec – Sapphire Scientific – Versaclean – ProRestore. 

Customers worldwide rely on Legend Brands for innovative solutions for cleaning, environmental control, and water and fire damage restoration. Building on this legacy, Legend Brands continues to be inspired by our customers to develop new ways to improve the effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of cleaning and restoration to optimize our customers’ environments. 

Besides providing proven, efficient products for professionals, Legend Brands companies conduct world-class research, provide industry-leading education and continually develop new solutions for the restoration and maintenance of healthier indoor environments.

For further information, please see our website: www.legendbrandseurope.com




Browning/Coffee Stain Remover

Very effective on both carpet and upholstery for removing old and new coffee, tea and other dye stains. Removes browning caused by over wetting. Reduces the intensity of yellow animal stains. Specifically developed for the removal of cellulosic browning.

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Powdered Formula 90

The world’s best-selling carpet cleaning detergent.

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Liquid Formula 90

Triple strength new generation, multiple dilution carpet detergent. Suitable for polypropylene, nylon or Woolsafe approved depending on dilution. One chemical for high performance on all fibres Perfect for Truck-Mount flexibility or high performance in your portable.

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One of the most powerful enzymes in the industry, formulated to deal with the toughest protein, oily or heavy-duty ground in soil. Can be used as a traffic lane cleaner/pre spray, or a very effective spotter. Ideal in commercial applications

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Dye Gone

This unique two-part kit is designed to remove stains from a wide range of spills, including coffee, orange squash, cola, hair dyes, and even stains caused by cleaning products such as toilet cleaners.

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All Fibre Textile Rinse

An acid rinse to neutralize high alkaline detergents. Especially good for stabilizing possible unstable dyes i.e. oriental rugs, metallic dyes etc. Leaves fibres soft and safe wherever colour bleeding might be a problem.

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Paint/Oil/Grease (P.O.G) Remover

Effectively removes stubborn oil-based spots. P.O.G is formulated to be highly effective in removing normally troublesome spots from textile surfaces. Use with confidence on carpet, upholstery and other textile surfaces. Quick acting and highly effective.

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Dry Fabric Cleaner

Comes ready to use for hand cleaning or with a solvent approved upholstery extractor. Does not contain environmentally hazardous chlorinated solvents. Very versatile product does not have a typical dry-cleaning fluid odour.

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Kill Odour Plus

Traffic Lane Cleaner with built in deodoriser. Don’t buy deodorisers and traffic lane cleaners in separate bottles again, this economical product will do both jobs in one. “Carpet cleaner, spotter and deodoriser, all in one product”.

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StainShield Professional

Stain Shield is a superior water‐based protectant that can be applied to virtually any type of water‐cleanable carpet, rug or upholstery.

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