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28 August 2020

Using four TemplaCMS modules: Employee Portal, Manager Portal, Team Portal and Customer Portal, front-line employees, field managers, special works teams and customers may view and interact with messages, transaction data and documents, enabling them to work and obtain information without visiting, telephoning or emailing the office.

TemplaCMS Employee Portal gives employees access to the following: payslips and P60s; their holiday and absence calendar; a noticeboard with both company-wide and individually targeted notices; selected company and personal documents. Employees may also submit holiday requests and request amendments to personal details held on the system.

TemplaCMS Manager Portal gives field managers access, for each site under their control, to Roster Manager and Timesheets within TemplaCMS Pay whilst on the move. When they need to make an adjustment to a roster during the pay period, for example because an employee phones in sick, they can access the site and employee from wherever they are and confirm the cover they have arranged on Roster Manager, with Timesheets updated automatically.

TemplaCMS Team Portal provides workbill access to anyone responsible for managing the work of a team of staff, or a subcontractor appointed to carry out work. The user can select the team under their control, before accessing the current calendar of workbills for that team. From the workbill calendar the operator can manage the following activities: reading of RAMS/COSHH documents; confirmation of hours and any extra costs; job completion - including before/after pictures; electronic client sign-off.

TemplaCMS Customer Portal gives customers access to selective contract details for each of their cleaning locations, for example the cleaning specification, staffing complement, training records, quality inspection scores and site risk assessments. It can also include client financials such as aged debtor balances, with a drill down list of outstanding transactions.