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Antimicrobial latex examination glove

22 June 2018

Symphony Environmental Technologies, a global specialist in products and technologies that "make plastic smarter", has launched what it describes as the first latex antimicrobial examination glove made with d2p technology. 

Symphony is working with Health & Hygiene, a British company and Biomax Rubber Industries of Malaysia. The collaboration agreement was signed on 2nd February 2018.  

Biomax Rubber Industries is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of latex examination gloves in Malaysia and produces more than 1 billion gloves per year, certified to ISO-9001 and product certifications of ISO-13485 and CE Marking as Class I Medical Device confirming European conformity. Biomax products are sold in more than 40 countries worldwide.

Health & Hygiene are incorporated in the UK and have been working with Symphony for some time on several projects.  The antimicrobial examination gloves will be sold under the new registered ‘Protector Health & Hygiene’ brand. 

The gloves are the first product launched in what is planned to be a full range of antimicrobial disposable healthcare products including face masks, caps, shoe covers, surgeon gowns, lab coats, isolation gowns, bed and pillow covers and hospital waste bags containing d2p technology.

The gloves themselves are the result of many years’ research and development and have been designed and packaged to appeal to organisations and professionals in healthcare and food- preparation industries, where hygiene is a priority. d2p antimicrobial technology provides complete protection throughout the life of the glove by disrupting and deactivating key molecules within the bacterial cell, preventing cell replication and infection. 

Health & Hygiene and Biomax Rubber Industries are exclusively incorporating the d2p technology, placing the Protector glove in a class of its own and offering 99.99% efficacy in accordance with ISO 22196 and ASTM E2180 against commonly occurring organisms including MRSA and Salmonella.

The gloves will be sold in boxes of 100 pieces or shelf-ready packaging containing 6 boxes of 10 pairs of gloves, available in sizes small, medium and large.

Michael Laurier, CEO of Symphony Environmental, said: “We are delighted with the result of the collaboration between ourselves, Biomax and Health Hygiene Ltd, and excited by the prospect of more products becoming available in the coming months.”

Mr  Loo Chee How,  sales director of Biomax, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Symphony who not only have innovative technology but also a worldwide distribution network.”
Amir Younus, executive director of Health & Hygiene, added: “The launch of the d2p examination gloves and disposable healthcare products in London is an important milestone in our well-established business relationship with Symphony, and we look forward to introducing more products to the market with Symphony’s technology.”