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Networking successfully in the cleaning industry

27 June 2018

If you are looking to grow your business you should make the most of networking opportunities, explains Regina Henrich, the european manager for ISSA

Have you recently attended a conference or an event? Did you take the opportunity to network? Making new connections and expanding existing business relationships is probably one of your main reasons for attending industry events and trade shows. We all know how easy it is to become preoccupied with the day-to-day. Exchanging ideas and meeting new people is highly relevant. It enables you to stay up to date and freshens up your outlook on what is happening in your industry. 

ISSA offers a network where ideas and visions for the cleaning industry can be discussed in a way which benefits everyone. 

Give and take

To get the most out of participating in an event, you should first ask yourself what you expect from the contacts you make. What would you like to achieve with them and, just as important – what can you offer to other participants? Once you have determined your aim, you should also keep in mind that a network is based on trust and fair collaboration. For a network to work well and be beneficial to everyone, participants should respect that relationships are about give and take. Exchanging knowledge and sharing industry insights – as well as offering advice – is the most important aspect of a functioning network. Networking is a breeding ground where ideas gain life and grow.

Regular contact

However, in order for networks to be efficient, they have to be maintained. Contact needs to take place on a regular basis to have a long-term impact. ISSA offers periodic events and networking opportunities in most European countries. Our 90 years of experience and 9000 members make us the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. Key to our mission is connecting industry experts with each other. ISSA offers virtual connectivity in tandem with regular networking events. The international LinkedIn Group of ISSA is heading toward 30,000 members who actively exchange insights globally.

At our regular networking events, our members meet face-to-face to learn from one another. We always aim to create a relaxed and welcoming environment during these events. This kind of atmosphere is important to encourage networking. Putting in the effort to make people feel welcome and comfortable is the best groundwork for ideas and businesses to flourish.

Expand your perspective

Networking events benefit everyone. The knowledge and experience of others can expand our perspectives. ISSA networking events are about developing forward-looking ideas and concepts which are designed to advance and improve our industry. Economics and science, research and teaching, practice and theory: all are linked to the common goal of shaping the future through open dialogue. 

Our events are also an ideal platform to get to know new customers, suppliers and innovative approaches to everyday cleaning industry issues. Every member is a multiplier and participants can expand their network in a relatively short amount of time. All networking events that ISSA organise and host are free to all members – and of course, we welcome guests as well.

A membership in ISSA makes you a part of a great worldwide network – online and offline – and gives you all the benefits you need in our increasingly competitive profession. Valuable contacts can bring enduring value to your professional and private life. Good contacts aren’t necessarily about quantity: quality is the crucial factor here. 

Within ISSA you can be sure that you are connected to people who work in and know about your industry. We are happy to be enablers, providing you with the chance to connect through our events. Cultivating and maintaining these connections is ultimately up to you. We aim to give you the best and most relevant opportunities, and an environment in which to grow your knowledge and your business success.  

Your next chance to network with the ISSA in the UK is on 6th September at ISSA member SYR (Scot Young Research Ltd), Stourbridge, West Midlands.

For further information please contact emeaservice@issa.com