Legal to work here?

07 June 2018

How often do employers of all sizes check if applicants have the right to work here, and how fail safe are their methods? With fines of £20,000 per illegal worker or imprisonment for the employer lurking and over 8,400 producers of fake documents in Europe, it is easy for a busy recruiter to miss one fake using traditional methods.

A new cloud based solution from uComply providesa consistent process for Right to Work and identifies the sophisticated fake documents either on its mobile or laptop system, for less than the price of a cup of coffee per candidate.  That’s a small price to keep on the right side of the law and avoid associated damage to your business reputation.

uComply contains the Home Office’s guidance process and lists all the documents required by immigrants from every country.

The interviewer taps in the country of origin and the list of required paperwork will appear so the interviewee can be advised what is needed.

The system allows the interviewer to take a photograph, save it on the cloud and the candidate signs the screen to allow storage of the documents.   This App scans documents, reads and saves all data off a passport chip. Data is easily retrieved from uComply’s encrypted cloud solution. No other system provides full Home Office guidance checking and passport chip reading.   

The laptop version was developed for the user interviewing large numbers of candidates. It can plug in to the same type of passport checker used at airports and border crossings and can check a passport for UV and Infrared readings. All ID documents scanned are compared against a document library.   

A pre-Brexit influx of immigrant workers is imminent.  Isn’t it time you added a few more real checks to your system?