5 ways blocked guttering could be damaging your business premises

03 May 2018

Maintenance of the exterior of your building premises is just as important as the interior, unfortunately the guttering is often neglected which is a big mistake, as gutters which become blocked can cause serious issues resulting in expensive repairs.

Water Damage 

The number one problem caused by blocked guttering is water damage, when it rains the water needs somewhere to go and blockages lead to standing water which seeps into the building causing unsightly damp patches on interior walls and damage to exterior brickwork. Over a period of time, even the foundations of your premises can become saturated resulting in difficult and costly repairs. 


Another problem with the accumulation of debris in your gutters is it attracts pests, birds, insects, wasps even mice are all attracted to the possible hiding places among leaves and moss in guttering. Mice are excellent climbers and can access the interior of your building via gaps in the soffits, facias and eaves where they can do a lot of damage. And an abundance of insects flying around the premises is not great if you have clients and customers visiting. 

Kerb appeal 

Your gutters keep water away from the facias and soffits which if they are made of wood will suffer greatly from the water damage due to blockages. Rotting wood on the exterior of your business premises doesn’t create a good first impression neither does a deluge of water pouring from the roof because it has nowhere else to go or weeds growing in the gutters. Excess water can also cause the soil under drives and pathways to expand which can develop cracks and fissures 


If your gutters are not doing the job they are designed for it means water is falling in places it shouldn’t, onto the walkways and pavements below this can lead to the ground becoming slippery especially during the winter months resulting in a potential hazard for both staff and visitors. 

Too much weight 

Gutters are only held up with screws and brackets making them unable to bear much weight therefore an accumulation of sodden debris will cause them to break. This will not only result in costly repairs but could also present a danger to people walking underneath. To prevent this your business premises should have the guttering cleaned regularly at least once a year. 


Do you check your gutters and downspouts at work? If not, you could be throwing money down the drain and looking at the possibility of your commercial insurance policy being void. Maintenance of your guttering is essential and could save a lot of money in the long run. 

Written by Robert Findley, owner of commercial gutter cleaning company Polished Plastics