New Software Features

18 September 2018

Templa Computer Systems will be showcasing various new features from its TemplaCMS Integrated Contract Management Software at the London Excel Cleaning Show in 2019, each addressing a real challenge faced by cleaning contractors.

Special Works Teams Management is for contractors who manage planned periodic work or ad hoc client requests using an internal van fleet and specialist operatives. It includes calendar-based scheduling of both vans and operatives, integration with mobile devices, employee pay and automated client billing.

Standard 2-Way T&A Integration provides single point of data entry with real-time data exchange from all on-site hardware technologies covering biometric and one-time-password devices, a mobile app or SIM and client phones.

Roster Management is a drag and drop, calendar-based resource planning tool with automatic real-time integration to timesheets. It allows field managers to plan cover quickly and easily.  

Advanced Forms enables the design of bespoke forms for completion on a field manager’s mobile device before automatically updating the central database after approval.

Advanced Workbills improves the profit reporting of periodic or special works by making provision for accrued revenues and costs, allocating materials usage accurately, resulting in precise budget versus actual spend comparison and a discrete P&L report for each job. 

Franchise Network Support helps centralised franchisors manage their distributed franchisees’ access to relevant areas of the software. It takes care of data security and offers consolidated franchisor reporting.