Sub-zero cleaning

01 December 2017

Advanced Engineering, the manufacturer of ACR cleaning products, has added a new cleaner to its range - FroZone, which is specially developed for low-temperature cleaning.

Sub-zero refrigerators and freezers use a lot of energy, so keeping them at optimal performance is incredibly important. Even a small drop in efficiency can noticeably increase energy usage.

Dirt and debris build-up on external heat transfers can increase the condensing temperature or reduce evaporating temperature by several degrees: adversely affecting freezer contents and increasing energy use by 10% or more. It can also cause health and safety issues including the contamination of produce from mould and mildew.

Unlike standard floor cleaners which freeze at 0°C, FroZone is specially-formulated to work at sub-zero temperatures of up to -25°C, enabling on the spot cleaning… without waiting for the temperature to rise. This is claimed to significantly reduce the time necessary for cleaning, while minimising downtime and disruption. And, by cutting through all the grease and grime, FroZone eliminates the risk of freezer shutdown.

Its non-metal corrosive formula ensures it’s safe to use on aluminium, stainless steel and copper surfaces - meaning it can be used to clean freezer heat exchanger surfaces with no risk of damage.

Not only is it said to make easy work of freezer walls and floors - areas too often overlooked in maintenance - but FroZone is NSF registered, making it suitable for cleaning in and around food processing areas without the worry of contamination.