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Odour remover debuts at care show

27 October 2017

2Pure Products has showcased its cleaning product, OdorBac Tec 4, with a stand at the Care & Dementia Show, NEC, with great success. 

Huge product consolidation, higher efficiency, improved safety, better performance, less management time, sound environmental credentials and impressive odour control are just some of the benefits 2Pure says users can expect. As well as being a truly multi-purpose cleaner which can be used on most surfaces and via most mediums, OdorBac Tec4 technology also removes malodours on contact without the use of masking agents or enzymes.

Commercial director James Law said: “Care UK are the largest independent provider of health and social care in the UK, and have used OdorBac to clean their entire care home estate for over two years with fantastic results. Having had one of the leading care providers adopt the product, it made sense for us to exhibit to the care industry.”

Jon Bicknell, Care UK’s food & service director, added: “Introducing 2Pure’s Odorbac has worked wonders in tackling odours at some homes where despite continuous and conscientious cleaning, smells had previously lingered.”

2Pure reported exceptional interest at the Cleaning Show with over 100 companies wanting to try the product for themselves. 

Managing director Barry Donaghey concluded: “2017 has already been a record year of growth for us and the pace of new adoptions is really gaining momentum.”

Businesses can test Odorbac for themselves for free by selecting the ‘Test Drive’ option on the 2pure website www.2pureproducts.com.