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Save money, water and electricity by using environment-friendly wash systems

22 September 2017

In any increasingly competitive industry, margins get slimmer and any advantage that helps your bottom line is vital. If your business involves cars, trucks, and vans that need to be cleaned regularly, you’ve seen quite a bit of your revenue go literally down the drain.

Installing eco friendly wash systems can help you save money while lowering your environmental impact, an increasingly important trait consumers consider. Not only can you save money, but you’ll also actively profit off of environmentally friendly systems.

All about the bubbles

While a few suds in a bucket may not make much of a difference, bubbling systems can save water, energy, and chemicals. Rather than a liquid spray that easily runs off of vehicles into drains, bubbles allow for optimal coverage with less waste. Bubbling devices are easily adjustable, unlike foam curtains, and bubble mixtures often require less water to thoroughly rinse off the vehicle.

Water so nice you use it twice

What if the water your facility drains away wasn’t wasted? A comprehensive water reclamation system recovers your waste water, then cleans and conditions it for reuse. This water is fed back into your system for reuse in the wash process. While this saves you money on your facility’s water bill, it also saves water, helping you to protect the environment.

Think efficient, not big

Modern wash facilities require less water, but the space and energy demands are also far less than in the past. As miniaturization continues to make waves in electronics and electrical engineering, today’s control systems and electric motors require less square footage, and electric motor efficiency allows smaller ½ hp motors to effectively drive brushes and other equipment. Brush technology allows for better chemical application with less chance of vehicle damage thanks to modern materials and coatings. Even wash frameworks have been improved using state-of-the-art materials and alloys that are strong and durable.

Improvement pays for itself

If you’re looking for a full vehicle wash system, the benefits of starting right with an environmentally friendly setup is apparent, but what if you have a system already in place? The good news is that there is a path forward towards saving money, water, and energy. While an entire system installation may be easier, it may not be within budget, however retrofitting your current system can be accomplished on a piecemeal basis, matching purchase priorities to financial situations. Water reclamation systems, bubbler devices, or better brushes can be upgraded at a pace you determine.

Your bottom line

Whether you’re a fleet manager keeping your cars in tip-top shape or a commercial car wash operator looking for a better margin, spending a little to save a lot makes good financial sense. The right system can lower your utility bills and become a basis for recruiting and retaining customers. Make the investment in an eco friendly wash system today.

Written by Ethan Smith – a former wash system operator based in Los Angeles who transitioned to freelance writing a few years ago. His experience of running a car wash in drought-ridden California has led him to write most of his articles about saving water and the environment.