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A short guide to conservatory cleaning

03 August 2017

No matter where your cleaning company is based, there’s bound to be a conservatory that desperately needs cleaning on a street near you, writes Robert Findley, owner of Polished Plastics.

From my own personal experience with over a decade of business and becoming the leading UPVC cleaning company in the North East of England, I know that people pay considerable money to have wood replaced with UPVC in their homes. Yet all too often I see it left without proper cleaning care and maintenance, clogged up with dirt, stained yellow and a filthy habitat for moss and algae.

I have compiled this short 5 step guide from my own hands-on experience in the industry. I hope it helps other cleaning companies add conservatory cleaning or gutter cleaning services to their list of services. They are both a great source of repeat income and can often lead to being asked to quote for bigger repair or replacement jobs. 

The professional way to clean a conservatory that I’ve split up into 5 stages is very simple and incredibly effective. Conservatory cleaning is a relatively easy yet great service that you can offer and it can be a terrific addition to a window cleaning round. When done properly the results can be stunning and a source of more referral work. 

Find out how to give UPVC a like-new feel by following my 5 steps below.

The conservatory cleaning process

Step 1: Start by assessing the conservatory in question to figure out what tools you’re going to need. Power washers and telescopic poles are useful tools for the hard to reach areas. Power washers are also ideal for removing plant material and other loose dirt. Just be careful what setting you have the lance on as too powerful a setting can remove old window seals. The rest of your conservatory cleaning tools should consist of other general equipment you already have such as sponges, cloths and squeegees.  

Heavy dirt, algae, moss and more should be completely removed with water or a power washer before you move onto the next step. If you’re cleaning the conservatory roof as well as the windows, doors and sides, ensure that you’ve got a sturdy ladder or set of steps to power wash from – it’s not wise to be standing on the conservatory as you’re cleaning it.

Once you have removed the loose debris give the conservatory a little time to dry. This is an ideal time to clean other UPVC such as the front door or empty the gutters.

I’d always recommend keeping your conservatory cleaning tools separate to other cleaning tools you may use, simply because UPVC can be damaged or stained by abrasive cleaning materials if there are any chemicals left on tools after use.

Step 2: Once the conservatory has dried a little we apply an industrial solvent to the frames and roof panels. The reason we wait until the conservatory has dried is that the solvent works better when it is not thinned down by excess water. The solvent should do the work for you removing staining and stubborn dirt as well as scuff marks. 

Step 3: Using your sponges and brushes, lather up a bucket of warm cream cleaner and sponge down the UPVC. Don’t worry if you’re getting it all over the windows and on the ground outside as your non-abrasive cleaner should be non-toxic and easy to rinse off with water once finished.

Step 4: Rinse off the cream cleaner, then apply a TFR cleaner with Aquawax to the frames paying extra attention to any lingering stains or marks that need a little extra work to lift off. 

Step 5: Now it’s time to clean the glass, you can use the simple glass cleaner you’re probably already using with a squeegee to remove water from the windows, doors and UPVC and give it a good shine until it looks like new.

Using the glass cleaner on the UPVC as well as the glass gives it a real “like new” shine, plus most glass cleaners tend to be anti-static, repelling dirt and keeping the conservatory cleaner for longer. Lastly, we recommend drying the frames of the conservatory with a towel. If you want to go the extra mile like I do, you can use an additional wax to give that extra clean sparkling finish. 

I’ve just got one last tip for you before you get going: if you plan to clean the interior of the conservatory too, you’ll need a set of step ladders to reach the higher parts of the roof. 

And that’s it! A very simple addition to your cleaning services, but one that can provide clients with very impressive results when you clean like a professional.