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Stand out from the cleaning crowd

04 August 2017

​Karel-Jan Boel is director of programme development EMEA at ISSA, where a key part of his role involves developing the training and certification programmes. He is currently driving the Cleaning Industry Management Standard Green Building (CIMS-GB) Certification programme for the UK. Here, he describes how improving your company’s green cleaning credentials can also extend to your bottom line   

Do you want your cleaning business to be seen as a leader in the industry? Do you want it to deliver peace of mind and an improved environment for your customers, as well as a healthier workplace for your employees? Beyond the predictable affirmative to these questions, your next response will probably be - how?   

If there is one step that a UK cleaning business can take immediately to begin to achieve these objectives, it is to gain CIMS-GB certification. Already a highly successful programme in the US - and one of the six pillars of CIMS - this display of commitment to green cleaning reflects the growing global trend toward green and sustainable buildings.

Green is business-friendly

CIMS-GB is now creating considerable momentum in the UK, and the UAE, where cleaning organisations in key sectors - such as government, healthcare and commercial - are recognising how to provide a quality, sustainable service and realise the ongoing benefits of compliance to the key principles. 

CIMS-GB accreditation will differentiate your company and improve customer relationships. It will display that you’re aware of key environmental concerns; validate health and safety practice throughout your business, while delivering consistency to your operations. From providing services at a lower cost to increased productivity and employee retention, CIMS-GB is a powerful lever - adding value in contract negotiations, as well as improving your customer retention. 

There’s always been parts of the industry whose response to the word - ‘green’ - is somewhat more ambiguous. Ascribe ‘trend’ to the same sentence as ‘green’ and they find it easy to dismiss the concept as a short-lived idea whose popularity is sure to pass. So much more convenient to carry on with business as normal and ignore the strategic choice. Being eco-friendly is a socially responsible model, but it also makes good business sense for the cleaning industry. CIMS-GB defines what green cleaning means, ensuring the cleaning industry and its customers recognise the clear benefits. 

Get CIMS-GB working for you

To achieve certification, your organisation must undergo a comprehensive assessment and satisfactorily demonstrate your compliance with the required percentage of mandatory and recommended CIMS elements. 

All CIMS assessments are performed by an ISSA-accredited third party assessor. The assessor reviews written documentation supporting your compliance with requirements described in CIMS' core sections. A comprehensive on-site review of your systems, processes and documentation ensures this compliance. Visits to individual customer accounts or locations confirm your consistency with these documented systems and processes.

CIMS-GB certification demonstrates your organisation is prepared to deliver quality, customer-focused services and ensures that you are capable of delivering a comprehensive green cleaning programme based on LEED for Existing Buildings Operation and Maintenance, green-cleaning criteria; where CIMS-GB has now been included as a direct compliance option in the new version. 

UK accreditation 

Principle Cleaning Services of London is the first cleaning contractor in Europe to achieve CIMS accreditation and has been joined by fellow London-based cleaning companies CE Facilities Services and Regular Cleaning Services. In healthcare, the West Suffolk NHS Foundation Trust’s achievement has been emulated by Huddersfield and Calderdale NHS Royal Infirmaries, while a number of other UK organisations have recently applied for certification. 

Join these organisations in demonstrating your commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, a desire to improve your overall operations, and in saving money.

To find out more about how to register for CIMS-GB accreditation and bring your business up to ISSA industry standards, send an email to Karel-Jan Boel: kj@issa.com or contact at +32 477 78 78 20