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Top tips for cleaning hotel linen

08 August 2017

Shortridge, providers of commercial laundry services, have compiled a best practice guide for hoteliers, in order to ensure that all rooms are cleaned to the highest possible standard

Ensuring that laundry, bedding, rooms and other furniture are always clean is a top priority for guests and cleaning staff alike in a hotel. If rooms aren’t clean, this can impact your hotel’s reputation, and it will ultimately compromise the amount of revenue you can generate from guests.

However, when there’s so many rooms to clean, this can often be a difficult task; when there aren’t proper procedures in place, sometimes a hotel room can appear not to be as clean as it should. 

You should always begin with a strategy plan

So that hotel staff know exactly how to clean a room each time they enter a new one, a plan should be in place so that they can work effectively. If a plan isn’t in place, then staff may be inclined to try a different process each time they clean, which wastes time. 

With a plan in place, the cleaning process is more efficient. This is because after time the staff will be able to learn their routine and do it quicker every time they clean a room, as steps will not be repeated and a checklist can be made in order of every job that needs completing. For records, this means that the hotel can track when and where rooms have been cleaned on a daily basis throughout the hotel, making it easier to spot mistakes and rooms that haven’t been cleaned properly. 

Reduce the temperature of your laundry 

On the whole, Europe is demonstrating a transition from warm 40-degree laundry washes, to cooler 30-degree washes. Over the course of 35.6 billion laundry loads every year, across five European countries – Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy and the UK, many laundry loads have been washed on a cooler temperature, which has produced a saving of 1,307.9GWh of power across Europe. This power saving is good news for the hotel industry. 

The reduction in temperature does not drastically change the way laundry is washed, and with the efficiency savings these washes can make in terms of energy consumption, this type of wash can be utilised by the hotel industry in order to make clear financial savings. 

Don’t forget the mattress 

More often than not, a hotel mattress can be forgotten about when hotel laundry is being washed regularly. Now, more and more hotel chains are developing a trend that ensures mattresses, as well as bed-sheets, are washed on a regular basis. If mattresses are washed regularly, rather than on a case by case basis – this creates a greater overall experience for paying customers. 

Using the crevice tool, staff should press firmly onto the mattress. By doing so, this will help to get rid of trapped dust that you can’t see. To get rid of any stains, use a fabric cleaner or mild suds. Once it’s dry, it can be sanitised with a disinfectant spray – ready to be enjoyed for a good night’s sleep once more. 

Cleaning with polymer beads

In order to innovate the way laundry is cleaned within the industry, hotels should look to polymer beads. Water is replaced by beads as the cleaning agent, as this is a more sustainable way of cleaning without having to consistently use fresh water. If fresh water is also supplied to clean laundry, then a hotel’s total water costs are increased dramatically.

Detergents have also changed

As the hotel industry washes multiple laundry loads on a regular basis, this can have a significant impact on the environment. Detergents can now be developed that are readily biodegradable, phosphate free, and made from vegetable and plant based materials – instead of being based on petroleum, a liquid that when burned produces harmful levels of pollution.