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New award to recognise washroom service providers

16 June 2017

As part of their exciting 30th anniversary celebrations, Loo of the Year Awards have decided to introduce a Loo of the Year Washroom Service Provider Award this year. This recognises the contribution that washroom service providers have in the provision of award-winning washrooms.

Nominations will be invited from all 2017 Loo of the Year entrants with nominations being received by 30th September 2017. A panel of judges will decide who the one winner will be, based on the reasons for nominations provided by the nominees. A trophy will be presented to the winning washroom service provider at the 2017 Loo of the Year Awards event on Friday 8th December at the St Johns Hotel in Solihull.

Mike Bone, managing director of Loo of the Year Awards, said: “Our aim is to recognise the Washroom Service Provider that is considered by our entrants to provide the very best washroom service which could include hand drying, soap dispensing, air fresheners, toilet seat sanitisers, feminine hygiene disposal and nappy disposal etc. – not cleaning or maintenance as these are covered by our new 2017 Washroom Cleaner of the Year Awards.”

This is an opportunity for any washroom service provider to be recognised and to promote their services. For further details contact: information@loo.co.uk