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Unit encourages good hand hygiene

28 March 2017

Poor hand hygiene is a worldwide problem. The only way to halt the spread of an infection or viral outbreak, such as norovirus and influenza, is by washing hands with soap under warm running water. 

Good hand hygiene, achieved by thoroughly washing hands, is the single most important practice in reducing the spread of infections and disease. 

Manty Stanley, MD of TEAL Patents – the manufacturer of portable hand washing units, said: “Infections take a heavy toll on healthcare. As well as lengthening a patient’s stay in hospital, infections deplete resources and cause additional suffering for the patients involved.

“It’s long-held in worldwide, medical opinion that the gold standard in infection control is washing hands with soap under hot, running water." 

TEAL’s most recent model is designed and built in the UK in collaboration with NHS infection control professionals to ensure it meets their specific needs. The Hygienius Medi-Wash both educates and encourages users to adopt the correct hand washing procedures. 

To provide hospitals across the world with the best defence against the spread of infections, TEAL’s new Hygienius Medi-Wash also ‘walks’ users through the NHS’ seven, hand washing actions. A video - synchronised with the unit’s automatic hand washing cycle - guides users through the routine.