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Secrets of the dry cleaning industry

10 March 2016

Fulham Carpet Cleaners offers up some top tips when it comes to dry cleaning.

  • Never try to fix bad stains yourself

Whenever you are unfortunate enough to spill red wine on a nice, white cloth or anything else that is really bad, avoid the urge to run off to the bathroom and to splash cold water on it. Blotting the stain can be a decent approach, but you should NEVER rub it. We can’t stress that enough as it will only exasperate the situation to make it into something a lot harder to handle in the long run. All the rubbing in the world won’t fix the situation, so you should avoid doing that. Bring the stained garments to the dry cleaners as quickly as you can. You can somewhat alleviate the issue by using talcum powder or corn starch, as this will help slow down the potential damage. Just let it sit out for about 15 minutes and it will suck up oil based stains.

  • Use the dry cleaners sparingly

Some types of dry cleaning can be really tough on the clothes you own, not to mention being expensive so you should avoid overdoing it. If you have worn something once, think if you really need to take it to the dry cleaners or if you can wear it again. Many of the items you have will be a lot sturdier than you give them credit for, so you won’t have to look for dry cleaners as often as you may think. 

  • Never put your dirty clothes back in the closet

This should be a logical choice, as they will not only smell pretty yucky, but any stains on them will hang around until next time you have need of your special clothes. The worst thing about dirty clothes is that they will be a lovely little nest for moths, which is the last thing you want as you may imagine.

  • Don’t hide the nature of the stains

There is no point in doing that, as this will only hurt the clothes, not to mention your wallet. If you happened to drop a glass of red wine on yourself and you tried some cleaning of your own, the cleaners will need to know exactly what you did so they can get it out.

Article provided by: Fulham Carpet Cleaners Ltd.