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Prepare your premises for winter

23 December 2015

Here are some top tips on how to deal with common problems associated with the cleaning and maintenance of buildings during the winter period:

  • Floors must be kept in focus

Floors will often take a serious beating when you have adverse weather around. In cases such as these you will need to find ways to deal with the situation according to conditions and the amount of foot traffic the floors see. You will need to work on scrubbing the entry floors to remove soil and to recoat them to give them the added protection against staining and traffic. Cleaning with burnishing cycles will be necessary from time to time if you want to keep the floors looking good. A professional cleaning company will give you a chance to handle those at all times.

  • Keeping carpet cleaning going

Many facilities will often delay carpet cleaning before and during the winter months for a number of reasons. This can be a serious mistake as carpets can become saturated with contaminants and it could impact the indoor environmental quality. A thorough cleaning of the carpets before the winter can really help keep them spotless all throughout the season for the most part.

  • Breaking the restroom routines

Seasonal transitions will often require taking a fresh look at the restroom and cleaning procedures as well as adopting new methods and products wherever and whenever it is appropriate.

  • Installing mats

This is a necessary step when you have winter coming. Installing about 15 feet of matting on the inside of the entrance will allow you to capture any ice melt, as well as sand and salt used in keeping traction on the streets before they get tracked right around the facility. This will spare you the trouble of having to deal with cleaning all of them later down the line.

  • Fixing floor defects and damage

Soil particulates and melting ice can easily get inside chips and cracks in the floor, so you would do well to address the issue as soon as you can to avoid further damage to the area.

  • Knowing product specifications

Certain floor care chemicals are best applied within specific temperature ranges, so you would either need to know how to work with said chemicals or you will need professional cleaners to handle all of that for you.

  • HEPA savings time

The easiest way to remember when you need to clean and change the HEPA filters is to do so when daylight savings begins and ends each year. It is one fairly easy way to make it happen.

  • Green proofing

The new season can also be a time to start a great new cleaning strategy, such as going with a green cleaning program to switch to a more eco-friendly alternative for industrial cleaning and commercial cleaning needs. 

Article provided by: Clean N Gone: Carpet & Home Cleaning Services