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Tackling stains to wooden furniture

09 October 2014

There are some stains that go way beyond a description of ‘stubborn’. Stains to wooden furniture in particular can be particularly vexing, and on occasion require a completely different set of skills to remove.

A simple guide to removing heat stains, such as cup rings, is an essential for anyone at the cleaning coalface. So when a client asks you for the seemingly impossible in the future, it’s worth giving these handy steps (you can view the original guide here) a whirl to see if you can deliver:


The guide is split into five steps. And while butter and teak oil may not ordinarily make an appearance in your cleaning toolkit, the success of this technique may make you want to pick up a few packs of Lurpak the next time you’re at the supermarket.


1.       Gently wipe the burn stain with a clean damp cloth. Further heal this with a pea size amount of teak oil. Let this soak in until the surface is dry.

2.       Once dry, smear a tiny piece of butter over the stain until it is completely covered. Let this rest for 12 hours. This will allow the wood to absorb the butter’s oily properties.

3.       After 12 hours, scrape or wipe off any excess butter with a clean kitchen towel.  

4.       Lay a clean white cloth or piece of linen over the heat stain. Set your iron onto a medium heat and smoothly circle around the affected area. You should begin to see the stain lighten.

5.       Once the stain is completely gone, apply and gently rub wood polish into the spot where the heat stain used to be.

Written by www.oakfurnitureuk.co