On-site & on-demand

13 June 2014

The Orbio os3 is the latest innovation in OSG (On-Site Generation) technology from Orbio Technologies, a Tennant Company group and a leader in sustainable cleaning technologies.

Through the process of water electrolysis—which combines water, electricity and a small amount of salt—the os3 system creates an on-site and on-demand effective cleaning solution and a disinfecting solution. The os3 is small, simple, and affordable and designed to fit in most janitorial closets. 

The os3 provides many benefits to building and facility managers such as: simplified cleaning processes, reduced cost to clean, diminished exposure for staff and facility occupants to chemical concentrates and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and lessened dependence on conventional packaged chemicals and their associated environmental footprint. 

The os3 system is also available with a satellite system. This design increases productivity compared to previous systems by allowing concentrated solutions generated by the os3 generator to be transported and diluted at remote locations within the same facility or campus. The flexible design of the os3 allows the user to place satellite dispensing stations where they’re needed throughout a facility. 

The os3 provides the opportunity for facilities to replace most daily-use conventional cleaning, and disinfecting chemicals with just two outputs. Orbio MultiSurface Cleaner provides effective cleaning performance for a variety of surfaces, including glass, stainless steel and hard surfaces such as countertops, desks, whiteboards and floors with a low and safe concentration of sodium hydroxide. MultiMicro 200 is a general purpose disinfectant for use on hard non-porous surfaces. Use of MultiMicro 200 allows facilities to replace a variety of daily-use disinfectants, saving customers money while simplifying cleaning processes. 

Karla Leis, vice president and general manager of the Orbio Technologies Group, said: "On-Site Generation technology is the inevitable future of cleaning. The os3 takes this technology to the next level by offering a robust, flexible system that works with existing processes. We’re thrilled to introduce a solution that can be used by facilities that strive to minimize their environmental impact without compromising their cleaning standards."