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ETS launches 4th international cartoon contest

22 April 2014

To promote the importance of hand hygiene and hand drying in public washrooms, the European Tissue Symposium (ETS) is launching the fourth edition of the ETS Cartoon Contest.

ETS regularly invests in scientific research but it also reaches out to young talented artists to help them convey their message through the creation of cartoons or illustrations. This year, the contest will be organised through a dedicated Facebook page.         

The last three ETS Cartoon Contests took place in close collaboration with the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, Italy. New to this year, is the partnership with the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften (HAW) of Hamburg, Germany. The contest is also open to international participants. 

"The ETS Cartoon Contest brings together the best of two, complementary worlds," says professor Mario Rivelli (artistic name Otto Gabos) from the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna. "Art and science create synergy, and the cartoon contest creates the perfect platform to bring the message around proper hand hygiene to a broader audience."

"We will introduce this initiative to our students for the first time," adds Professor Anke Feuchtenberger from HAW, Hamburg. "It is an excellent opportunity for them to gain some insight in the business world and to demonstrate their creativity within a well-defined context."


Last year's cartoon contest resulted in 71 entries from 37 countries worldwide. A selection of these entries together with the winning contributions are being exhibited during ISSA/INTERCLEAN Amsterdam, that will be held 6-9 May. 

"We will be celebrating the Global Hand Washing Day later this year," says Roberto Berardi, President of ETS. "That is why the title we have chosen for this year's ETS Cartoon Contest - Hands, wash'em with soap, dry'em with paper', makes immediate reference to the importance of washing your hands. Along with washing them, drying them is equally as important and plays a fundamental part in promoting hand hygiene and controlling the spread of infections," Roberto Berardi concludes. 

Participation to the ETS Cartoon Contest is now open to all and free of charge. The deadline for submitting the entries is June 6, 2014. Three prizes worth €1000 each will be attributed to the three categories: a student of the Academy of Fine Arts, one of the Hochschule für Angewandte Wissenschaften and the third one to an international participant. 


Full guidelines, information and participation form available here.