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The choice is simple...

14 May 2013

Selecting the right Scrubber Dryer can be a confusing choice with a long list of options. To make things easier here’s five factors to consider when selecting a compact battery scrubber dryer.

  1. The battery is of course a big factor. Interchangeable battery packs offer non-stop cleaning, a quick "pit stop" to clip on a fresh battery is all it takes. No down-time whilst charging will get the most from your machine.
  2. A scrubber dryer often has multiple users; simple intuitive controls allow all users to quickly get to grips with operation.
  3. Manoeuvrability is king when it comes to compact scrubber dryers, narrow aisles, fixtures and fittings all need to be negotiated.
  4. Filling and emptying. You’ll want a scrubber that is ready to work with no fuss, just simply fill and go. The emptying is something not to be overlooked a simple dump hose is the best option allowing emptying of dirty water in to a drain, gully or bucket avoidingpouring contaminated water in to potable sinks.
  5. Don’t forget the back up! When ordering new consumables, asking a technical question, servicing or indeed training you’ll want a manufacturer that can offer it all.

For a Scrubber Dryer that really fits the bill arrange a free demonstration today and see the TTB1840 in action.

Watch the video now ,search Numatic TTB1840 on Youtube.
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