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Hurricane Range

14 May 2013

The single disc floor maintenance machine is truly the heart of all hard floor cleaning. It is also important to remember that floors are the biggest surface to be cleaned in most buildings and they are also the most important visually in many high profile establishments such as hotels, hospitals, offices, and stores for example.

The world is very much split into two categories:-

[1] The hot hard floor countries

[2] The northern soft floor countries

In the hot countries the hard floor surfaces are very much bigger and require single disc machines for every floor care programme. It is also a fact of life that the hard floor countries are the hot climates and require machines designed to work long extended hours in high ambient temperatures.

The Hurricane Range from Numatic International is designed to perform in the most arduous conditions, producing excellent results whatever the floor surface.

Hurricanes are available in two sizes: 400mm, 450mm

A range of 4 speeds:150rpm, 230rpm, 300rpm, 450rpm

and with a vast range of brushes and accessories.


In additions to the Hurricane single speed rotary we have the twin speed models providing 150rpm or 300rpm at the "flick of a switch”, perfect for users who need both to scrub and polish with one machine.

Hurricane motors, low load planetary gearboxes, ATC Automatic Torque Control and Structofoam construction, all this means you won’t find a better machine and you won’t find a better floor.

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