14 May 2013

Energy conservation makes sound common sense to us all and will become a major driving force in almost all product selections in the coming years.

As a world, it is not simply global warming and carbon footprints that need to be considered, but equally the enormous problem of power generation, from whatever chosen source, both in terms of cost and timescales. In practical terms, we have neither the time nor the money to come up with an adequate solution unless we make meaningful and practical reductions NOW.

At Numatic we started our energy conservation drive more than three years ago with the introduction of our unique AutoSave technology. It’s simple and it works and it is now increasingly being demanded worldwide. In terms of vacuum technology Numatic have always been somewhat conservative in establishing their maximum power rating with 1200 Watts being our norm for single motored machines compared with 1800W/2000W being selected by some other manufacturers, so this gave us at an economy advantage from the word go.

Why and what is AutoSave? In principle the cleaning of carpeted floors and hard floors is radically different and the power required for hard floors is approximately 50% of that for carpets. Secondly, in any given space, only 20% of the surface to be cleaned is, in fact, dirty with 80% requiring little more than a "tickle”, removing the obvious visible dirt or objects on the surface. If you add all of these considerations into a single equation, as we did, you will soon realize that for probably 80% of the time a vacuum cleaner is being used it only requires 50% of the full power available.

To draw a parallel, we all have motor cars but, in fact, we rarely use more than 50% of the power available but when occasionally we need more power we know it’s there upon demand.

Saving this unnecessary waste of energy became our objective and AutoSave proved to be both a simple and effective solution to truly meaningful energy conservation.

Everybody in the world knows Henry and this is where we started the AutoSave movement as the vast number of Henrys being produced and sold could achieve the biggest energy saving. Our clever electronics were designed to allow up to a 50% reduction in power consumption but, at the same time, provide for special situations where excessive dirt or debris still occasionally demanded full power. Although our project started with Henry there are now no less than 15 of our machines equipped with the AutoSave feature as standard.

With AutoSave, when you switch on the machine, it automatically starts on 50% power which is, in many cases, quite enough for normal cleaning especially on hard floors or low profile carpets. If, at any time, more power is needed you just press the extra red switch and up goes the power by 100% instantly. Just so you know you are using the high power, a red light is illuminated as a continuous reminder. Push the red switch again and out goes the light and you are back in the low energy mode.

Each and every time you switch on the machine it will automatically start in the economy mode and it is up to the user to select extra power as and when required. What does all this mean in terms of energy conservation:-

By our calculation there are currently more than 2,000,000 Numatic machines operating and fitted with AutoSave technology and, although not all will save 50% all of the time, the vast majority will save at least 40% of the max power. By simple mathematics this represents an astronomic saving of the best part of 1,000,000 kW (one million) per working hour and at even a conservative 1 hour per day per machine the saving adds up to a staggering 345,000,000kW (three hundred and forty five million) per year and growing week by week in line with our production of AutoSave models. For more information on Numatic products visit the website: www.numatic.co.uk