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No matter what your business or organisation does, Mitie can help you do it better.

We’ve been helping organisations like yours since 1987 and there’s a reason why we’ve become one of the leading cleaning providers in the UK; it’s all down to innovation and giving you what you need, when you need it.

Our business has been an innovative ‘first-mover’ for the past 28 years. We were among the first cleaning companies to gain the ISO 14001 environmental standard, the first to develop a coherent lean academy and we are one of the first to harness the benefit of a client-facing sector approach.

In 2015, we were the first ever Platinum Sponsor of The Cleaning Show and presented our vision on how we think the industry will change over the next five years, click here to download the article.


Transport Cleaning

We have been cleaning airports and other transport-critical infrastructures for over 15 years, making us one of the leading transport cleaning providers in the country.

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Retail Cleaning

When you work with Mitie, you can expect an exceptional level of service from a company that really understands your retail needs.

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Manufacturing Cleaning

We understand that in your industry timing is everything – it affects people, quality, service and costs.

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Commercial Cleaning

As one of the largest commercial cleaning companies in the UK, we feature on every high street in the country so wherever you are, we’re already your local cleaning service.

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Hospital and Healthcare Cleaning

Fighting infection and creating spotless hospitals, wards, doctors' surgeries and departments is top of our agenda.

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Events and Leisure Cleaning

We’ve worked with famous venues, like Everton Football Club, for the last 20 years and it’s these types of relationships that stand us apart from the rest.

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Window Cleaning

It’s easy to design tall, spectacular buildings with a huge numbers of windows – it’s rather harder to find efficient ways to clean them, especially from the outside.

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