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We are a UK-based software developer with over 30 years’ experience in the industry, developing software solutions for commercial businesses across a wide range of market sectors, both at home and overseas.

Since 2009, Templa has focused on developing a fully integrated contract management system for the contract cleaning industry. In conjunction with leading cleaning contractors, whose particular challenges had previously been poorly catered for by off-the-shelf business software, we have developed and continue to develop TemplaCMS, now the leading solution in its field.

Since its launch in 2010, our growing client base of leading contractors in both the UK and Australia have transformed the financial efficiency of their back-office systems and increased the effectiveness of their front line operations by making the software available to their operations managers on their mobile devices.

They have discarded their unconnected legacy systems and now manage their contracts using our integrated system of business process modules that all run off a secure, centrally managed single contract database.

TemplaCMS contract cleaning software is designed using the latest Microsoft © technology. It is suitable for companies of all sizes wishing to establish a solid software-driven foundation for their business, one that will be with them for many years to come, and that will continue to evolve with the emerging technologies and the evolving requirements of the contract cleaning industry.

The overall system and some of the key modules are described below in more detail.


TemplaCMS Integrated Contract Management Software improves your profitability

Unlock the profit potential of your company by using IT to automate and speed up every day processes. Release your field management to look after staff and customers, rather than waste time on administration. TemplaCMS helps you budget, gives you clear visibility of expenditure, supports your operations and sales teams in their roles and reassures clients that you are serious about customer service.

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TemplaCMS Mobile App makes your front line staff more effective

With key TemplaCMS functionality loaded to their tablets, field managers can carry out operational and administrative contract-related tasks in the field whilst with staff or with clients.

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The TemplaCMS Pay module ensures your pay run is accurate and on budget

Live e-timesheets allow your area managers to view up to date pay data in real time. ‘Budget versus actual’ analysis takes place before the payroll is run, preventing costly mistakes being made.

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TemplaCMS Quality Audit enables field managers to carry out site specific quality audits on their mobile devices according to a schedule you have loaded to the system

With the Templa CMS Quality Audit module you remove the administrative burden so often associated with paper-based quality auditing. This module lets you centrally create the inspection requirements for each site which are then disseminated automatically to operations field staff for task completion.

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TemplaCMS Customer Portal allows you to share key contract data with clients such as contract KPIs

The TemplaCMS Customer Portal module allows you to deliver information and selective data entry functionality out to your client via the internet through a password controlled client log-in screen on your website.

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The TemplaCMS Workflow module increases productivity and accountability by automating decision processing

TemplaCMS Workflow is fully integrated across all modules in the system. It allows configuration and automation of decision and approval processes that are normally paper or e-mail based.

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