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10 August 2018

Regina Henrich, european manager for ISSA, looks at why staying up-to-date with the latest industry news is so crucial to career success

You are probably regularly accessing news feeds, newspaper websites and apps – and in some cases physical newspapers – to keep up to date with national and world events. But how well informed are you about product news, important industry appointments and other developments relevant to your industry? Too often this is a low priority in the face of the daily demands of just getting the job done. Also the presentation of industry-related material can be uneven. Perhaps the quality of presentation is less attractive? Maybe the writing is denser and more factual, which requires more effort on the part of the reader?

However, there is a reward to be had if you make the effort. As a professional, if you want to be more successful and move up the career ladder, it’s crucial to know what is going on in your industry. It not only puts your work in context but it also helps you to understand the bigger picture. If your colleagues make the effort it could be awkward to be the only one in the office who is unaware of a major development in the industry that closely affects your situation.

Make sure you choose reliable sources

There is an often bewildering range of online and offline sources available for the information you need. The biggest challenge you face will be in establishing the right filter to enable you to find the most relevant news. Equally important, is that this will also avoid you experiencing any feelings of being overwhelmed by information.

It is easier than ever to find and access information but how can you be sure if the study results posted on someone’s Facebook page are true and reliable? Your mission is finding the channels you can trust and that deliver the relevant information in an attractive and easily digested manner, which fits in with your busy lifestyle. Initially the best way to ensure you get the correct facts is to read trade and business media, while looking for sources from established companies and institutions.

Follow the thought leaders

Social media channels – especially Twitter and Facebook – have developed into increasingly important news sources. The heavy usage of Twitter by current high-ranking personalities is pushing the boundaries of what and where certain news announcements are traditionally delivered. They also offer a great way to stay up to date about current industry developments. If you follow thought leaders and well-known experts on LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook you will come across relevant latest news and read the leading opinions in your field. However, in light of the continuing debates about the unreliability and undermining nature of ‘Fake News’ – you should nevertheless always be aware and alert, even though this might appear to be largely a concern for the political arena. 

Subscribe to newsletters – but be selective

You may subscribe to a couple of email newsletters already but – be honest – how many of them end up unopened? Why not start by only subscribing to one newsletter? Make time to read every issue, click the links and engage with the content. If the newsletter is the right one for you, you will spend time interacting. If you find yourself not engaging at all, unsubscribe and choose a different option.

Engage with interactive platforms

Another way to widen your horizons is discussions or online forums. For those in the industry, actively participating in discussions on LinkedIn – within the group “ISSA - The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association” which has almost 30,000 members – is a great way to stay abreast of what is highly relevant to you. ISSA also runs the ISSA Engage platform (www.issaengage.com) which is designed to foster ideas in the cleaning industry. It combines traditional content such as industry news and events with lively interactive content.

Members of ISSA have the possibility to share their own stories with the ISSA community. Our focus is on innovative business processes that serve as inspiration for the industry. For example, in the first issue, which was published in the spring of 2018, we talked about the use of smart watches for cleaners. Do you have an interesting business success story to share? Please tell us more by emailing: emeaservice@issa.com