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Smarttask launches comprehensive solution for compliant staff onboarding and screening

16 July 2018

SmartTask, a leading provider of employee scheduling and mobile workforce management software, has launched an onboarding and screening compliance solution for the cleaning sector. SmartTask Onboarding has been designed to ensure cleaning services providers are not overlooking this essential staffing requirement, while following a consistent and approved process.

“We recognised a growing need for sophisticated and streamlined onboarding and screening procedures, especially as businesses are facing increasing demands from legal regulations such as DBS checks, right to work and GDPR,” explains Paul Ridden, CEO of SmartTask. “As a result, we have designed the most comprehensive staff onboarding, background checking and pre-employment screening compliance solution currently available for the cleaning sector.”

The fully integrated solution will simplify and automate the complex process of onboarding employees. This will enable businesses to deliver straightforward and repeatable procedures that capture employee details, ensure they are tested, and confirm they have the skills required. It will also ensure that employees are made aware of any health and safety risks, as well as confirm they have signed the appropriate documentation to verify they have been trained to undertake the work.  

Using SmartTask Onboarding, businesses will now be able to undertake consistently thorough background checks that meet the necessary standards – including BS7858 – so they are not vulnerable to the costs and risks associated with failed screening processes. This will allow them to meet contractual expectations of new and existing clients, safely providing a range of personnel based on the nature of a location or required security clearance.

“By possessing the ability to manage employee onboarding – from the most basic skills requirements to highest levels of screening – cleaning services providers can ensure that all employees are bona fide. This will enable these organisations to offer a very competitive and potentially greater value service to customers, while keeping employees happy, achieving added peace of mind and reducing administrative overheads,” concludes Ridden.

SmartTask is an advanced and simple-to-use employee scheduling and mobile workforce management solution that enables cleaning companies to better plan and manage their workers, so they are at the right place, at the right time. SmartTask combines intelligent rostering, live monitoring and integrated proof of attendance across both static and mobile teams, making it the ideal tool to improve operational control, enhance customer satisfaction, and support duty of care to staff.