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Improving data use and automation with workforce management software

12 November 2018

As 2019 gets closer we look forward to next year and what technology can bring to the cleaning industry. In recent years we’ve had robot vacuums and window cleaners to name a few, but as a software business Roma Systems is focusing on automation.

Automation of any process will ultimately result in time savings and efficiency improvements within your business, that is a given, as much of a given, as workforce management data helping you to forecast, improve performance and staffing and even rewarding. 

The ability to automate administrative processes and use the data you obtain correctly is going to allow you to improve your employee experience and ultimately your customer experience.

There is a direct correlation between your employee experience and customer relationship; the reason being, the employees are going to be the representatives of your business dealing with the customer 90% of the time. 

The focus for most businesses will be to have an excellent customer relationship at all costs, without looking at the correlation of the experience of the employees.

So how can a workforce management data help this, and what will automation do to improve it? 

Improving your employee relationship is simple…make sure that they’re happy going to work for you. 

We aren’t going to give you a psychological analysis of all of your staff and tell you how to treat them, however, studies show that people want to feel valued, and this is not always directly linked back to money. Showing your staff that you value them can be as simple as recognition for a job well done, some staff just want a well done at the end of the day.

With the data you obtain through a workforce management software, whether in relation to attendance, punctuality or even tasks completed, you have the figures to see that your staff have done a good job, so tell them…however I am 100% certain if you offered them a bonus related to this that they would bite your hand off.

Automation can also help your employee relationship, for example, some systems offer Automated Scheduling, that will help your staff when it comes to scheduling them closer together. This means they aren’t spending more time travelling than actually doing the job…we all hate traffic after all. 

Implementing processes like these will get your staff thinking about their role, their performance for the customer and ultimately their relationship with you, their employer.

On the customer side of things the data you gain will allow you to see if your staffing is correct, the staff you’re putting there are performing and the hours you’ve set against the contract are being delivered. All of this data is conveyable to the clients and will lead to you providing a proactive and informative service, whether it’s cleaning, care, security or catering that you’re delivering.

Roma offer a few automated processes. Firstly, automated scheduling, our solution can pick staff by distance and best fit for each client. We also offer automated alerts and escalation, where if staff are late, we can get alerts generated by email or text to any number of managers, in order of importance, until there is some sort of action taken. This process allows you to act on any issues, before most customers will even become aware.

The system also checks each staff members location throughout the duration of their shift to ensure they’re safe on site at all times, improving lone-worker safety and duty of care to your staff. It also improves customer relations as there is more accountability from you due to the ability you have to obtain such data quickly and easily.

The data you can obtain is aimed at delivering back to clients and staff what has been performed, any variations, any discrepancies or issues. We even offer graphical dashboards to show much of the data you need on your home screen, giving you an intuitive way to view data.

Naturally, our aim is to develop the system to be as automated as possible going forward to ensure our customers, can build and maintain their business, using our software.