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Catherine Hackett

All's well that ends well


These days, I'm pleased to say, worker well-being is increasingly – if indirectly – making the headlines. For instance, some news stories you may have read recently on www.cleaning-matters.co.uk include Enhance Office Cleaning winning a Living Wage Champion Award. It's in recognition of their consistent effort to promote the benefits of paying the voluntary Living Wage to their clients and to others, and therefore champion fair pay within a traditionally low pay industry.  

CM Guest Blog

5 ways blocked guttering could be damaging your business premises


Maintenance of the exterior of your building premises is just as important as the interior, unfortunately the guttering is often neglected which is a big mistake, as gutters which become blocked can cause serious issues resulting in expensive repairs.

Catherine Hackett

There's no time to waste


Sustainable practices are increasingly becoming our daily habits. This is particularly true when it comes to cutting down plastic waste – whether it's separating plastics from our general domestic waste for recycling or taking reusable shopping bags to the supermarket.  

Catherine Hackett

Innovation on the march


The March magazine of Cleaning Matters is unofficially known as the 'Events Issue'. You will soon see why once you start reading: it is crammed with news and previews of all the events happening over the next few months.

CM Guest Blog

Fighting the Fatbergs


Anyone who saw the stories about the ‘monster fatberg’ in Whitechapel at the end of last year won’t soon forget about it.

CM Guest Blog

Cleaning your office after a renovation


One of the most important parts of an office renovation is getting your working environment back to its comfortable, professional feel which makes it a great place for both those that work there and any clients who may visit.

Deb Limited

Has the world become complacent about hygiene?


Approaches to hygiene have evolved throughout human history. John Hines, Research & Development Director for skin care and hygiene expert Deb, looks at why we need to keep that evolution going into the future.

Catherine Hackett

New year, new opportunities to have your say


2018 is set to be an exciting year for Cleaning Matters (CM) as we launch new projects designed to provide even more insight into industry issues as part of our campaign to inform, educate and advise cleaning professionals.

CM Guest Blog

Cleaning your office before the Christmas period


Before going away for the Christmas break, businesses often give their offices a deep clean, so that when the New Year comes, they are greeted with a clean, tidy and organised office.

CM Guest Blog

England’s natural disasters: who cleans up?


Large-scale natural disasters hit the headlines in an instant, but are forgotten just as quickly by those not affected. Once the TV cameras and news reporters have left the scene, the real work starts in earnest. Who cleans up when the rest of the world looks away?