Superbug killer scoops award

06 September 2018

A UK manufacturer of superbug-killing devices has won a prestigious award recognising its success in exporting the life-saving technology internationally.

Finsen Technologies, which developed THOR UVC – a robot that uses UV light to kill almost 100% of superbugs in just minutes – won the New Exporter of the Year category at the Cambridgeshire Chamber of Commerce Global Awards ceremony on 1st June. The award recognises the success Finsen Technologies has had in exporting to a total of fifteen markets, including the USA, Australia, Austria and Italy, as well as having recently secured a valuable contract at a significant MOH Public Hospital in Sharjah.

Finsen Technologies products focus on quickly and efficiently killing bugs in medical environments, such as operating theatres. The THOR UVC robot senses its surroundings, maps the room, and even reports back when the work is complete. A study of the robot’s efficacy concludes that, irrespective of cleaning time, THOR UVC killed more than 99% of the MSSA bacteria exposed to it.

According to Finsen Technologies, previous UV-C light technology has used lower levels of light than THOR UVC resulting in a longer, less efficient, process. The high level of UV-C light produced by second-generation THOR UVC is critical in killing the new strains of superbug. Its reach is higher than its predecessors, which is said to obliterate bugs from floor to ceiling, while ensuring even those hiding in shadowed areas don’t get missed. The robot disinfects a 360-degree area – irrespective of obstacles – and senses clutter and shadows, ensuring effective doses in all areas.

A newer release from Finsen Technologies is the Nanoclave Cabinet, a cupboard that decontaminates objects such as surgical tools and electronic devices in as little as 60 seconds. The patent-protected Nanoclave was recently recognised in a Telegraph feature entitled 70 Ideas to Save the NHS.

Steve Bertuzzi, COO of Finsen Technologies, said: “We were delighted to accept this award from the Chamber of Commerce; it means a lot that our hard work and effort have been recognised. None of this would have been possible without the incredible work put in across the company, including the work undertaken by our amazing distribution partners – I wish to thank them for their belief and dedication; we have all achieved with the receipt of this award. Installations of our technology will continue to increase internationally, and there are some very exciting times ahead.”